Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why is this sport news?

Has the mighty ESPN fallen? They have gone downhill in reporting big time with bias idiots (hello Stephen A. Smith) running Sportscenter. What was big news on It wasn't US team come behind win against Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic or Martin Broduer becoming NHL all-time winning goalie. The biggest news report on is president's college basketball tournament picks. Honestly why is this even sport news at all? You have two real-time classics but get pushed as second fiddle to a fan's college basketball picks as the big news. Is this even sport news at all? No its not. It's just fan opinion on who will be college basketball champs just like other hundred thousands who submitted their picks but will not hear a peep from. I wish there was alternative to ESPN especially on TV. There are days I rather skip watching Sportscenter.

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