Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Crybaby" Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler wants out of Denver because his feelings got hurt in the business world of the NFL. He went far to put up both his and his parents house up for sale. What was going in his mind before going full emo crying to the media about his "mistreatment" from the the Broncos?

What he forgot in the world of pro sports this is a business. The players get paid sums of money but at same time have to deal with the politics and economics from on and off the field. No matter how loyal the players are to the team they are all guinea pigs in the playing field. The owners, GMs, and coaches look for possible holes or potential to improve the team and if the right one comes expect them to pull the trigger.

Cutler needs to suck it up and be a man instead going crybaby over the situation. Instead go demanding trades for every "injustice" toward him he should prove the owners, coaches, and GM why he deserved to be on the team. Make them eat their words on the playing field. Who do he think he is? Jason Pitts? (those who watch The Game will get the reference) So far emo-quarterback sudden moves to get his butt out of Denver gonna backfire. There's a possibility he's not gonna be traded and if he does get traded there be a hardly spot for him to start. In fact scratch Raiders out big time not because they got JaMarcus Russell but he will crying once Al Davis tears him a new asshole every single day.

On a personal side hope Jets does not trade for him. As a Jets fan, I had dealt with over-the-hill selfish prima donna QB who did not lead the team to the playoffs and got beat bad in the final game of the season lead from one of their rivals lead by one ex-Jets starting QB Chad Pennington.

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