Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two more stars tested positive on 2003 and I DON'T CARE

Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz are now two names on the list of players that tested positive for steroids or performance enhancing drugs. You know what?


Why? There's a point and time majority of the roster used steroids or performance enhancing drugs. I believe the 2003 "unofficial" tests to make sure players are "cleaned" up for 2004 steroid/PED testing. I say just release the entire list and move on. Sooner or later you got to vote the players busted for steroid/PED in the Hall of Fame. Majority of the players will be guilty later on.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coyotes goes to the Bulls and NHL still doesn't get it

NHL Coyotes remain in Phoenix with NHL owners rejecting Jim Balsillie bid and approved ownership role to Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

My problem with this you have Jim Balsillie, a diehard hockey fan, willing to buy a cash strapped team for $212.5 million and move up to rabid Canadian fan base where it would mostly play in front of packed arena instead half-filled arena in Glendale. Instead of adding potential revenue with a move to Canada they rejected him as owner and gave it to a sports owner that will allow the team stayed in a money losing situation. Gary Bettman must have really hate Canada.

NHL "southern" expansion been failure. Teams like Carolina Hurricanes, Dallas Stars, and Tampa Bay Lightning won Stanley Cups but often struggle attendance wise. Atlanta Thrashers, Florida Panthers, and occasionally Hurricanes and Lightning been drawing half or 2/3 of arena capacity while its well known Coyotes barely play half empty arena.

I suggest reading Hockey Night in Dixie about minor league hockey in the south. It gives you detail from about teams and players playing in the area to how fans felt about hockey when it was fresh before tailing off.

Vikings fans be thankful Brett Favre stay retired

After all the Vikings courting for Brett Favre to return for one more season he decided to stay retired ending this circus on should I play or should I go.

Vikings' fans can breathe a sigh a relief and be happy. Why? He's effecting the team before training camp started. Imagine how quarterbacks Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson, both of whom battling for starting spot, felt on thought of possible Favre comeback and likely sitting on the bench. Wait they were not happy being kept in the dark. Time for damage control. Anyway his continual indecision to play charade went on four years too long.

Then there's last year's debacle when he retired then unretired when Packers already moved on with Aaron Rodgers as starting quarterback. This caused plenty of headache meetings between him and Packers management that he demand a trade. He was shipped to New York Jets which led the team to release Chad Pennington who end up signing with division rival Miami Dolphins. The team won and was on top of AFC East in the final four weeks. Then it all fell apart when his age caught up to him with a torn biceps and DID NOT tell the team about it. Instead being behind the bench he started and Jets tanked their way out of the playoffs. To add insult to injury it was Chad Pennington, the quarterback Jets released for Favre, that led the Dolphins to a win and AFC East division crown. To see how bad Favre effected the team coach Eric Magini was fired, disgruntled wide receiver Laverneous Coles (due to Favre) released, and Jets players said he was "distance" from the team. In that one comeback season he manage to set entire New York Jets team 2-3 years back and likely 4-5 years back with drafting of Mark Sanchez after trading away two much need drafted picks along with three players just to move up to no. 5 and select him. Mark Sanchez is immediately on the clock while first overall pick Matthew Stafford can just win one game and call it a success.

For the Vikings' fans be glad he remain retired. Despite his Hall of Fame numbers his age and willing to play is more trouble and team wrecking. At the end he was more for himself than the team. Just take it from a Jets fan having deal with his garbage circus.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Washington Nationals Crisis 2009

We are 2009 Washington Nationals. Our years of incompetent management have landed us to below the depths of the chart this year from bad free agent signings to trades that does not pan out in the long run. Despite having offensive numbers with Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn leading the way, our pitching and defense is another story. Our pitchers are heavily inexperienced and rushed to the starting role quickly earning us with fewest wins (lovely 26-61 by the All-Star break) in the majors and the highest ERA (5.21 before the All-Star break) in the National League. Our team fielding is laughable at best being last in the majors with .975 fielding percentage and whopping major leading 82 team errors before the All-Star break. This cause us to fire manager Manny Acta and replaced him with Jim Riggleman. The GM that put this team together through the years Jim Bowden resigned when his name was surfaced in connection of alleged skimming bonuses from Latin American players. His last prior GM experience was with the Cincinnati Reds manage to drive the team to the ground and haven't recovered since. It's likely we are on pace to break the futility mark with the most loses this season. Don't worry fans this is just a "village idiot" phase. Stan Kastens did take the Braves from the cellar to contenders. Things are getting a bit better. We drafted not only the top pitcher, but the top player of the entire draft Stephen Strasburg. At same time we still haven't reached and spoken to him since draft day. He will get signed to the team or we are really idiots and have not learned a thing from last year when we could not sign our top pick (Aaron Crow) of that year. Even with a vast of young talent but with little or no team chemistry we are better off in D.C. not in Montreal, right? Right?

Note: There's a saying, "The more things change, they more they remain the same." You can say this about Washington Nationals. Just like the final decade as Montreal Expos they are plague with young players but a bad product and lousy management.