Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Coyotes goes to the Bulls and NHL still doesn't get it

NHL Coyotes remain in Phoenix with NHL owners rejecting Jim Balsillie bid and approved ownership role to Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

My problem with this you have Jim Balsillie, a diehard hockey fan, willing to buy a cash strapped team for $212.5 million and move up to rabid Canadian fan base where it would mostly play in front of packed arena instead half-filled arena in Glendale. Instead of adding potential revenue with a move to Canada they rejected him as owner and gave it to a sports owner that will allow the team stayed in a money losing situation. Gary Bettman must have really hate Canada.

NHL "southern" expansion been failure. Teams like Carolina Hurricanes, Dallas Stars, and Tampa Bay Lightning won Stanley Cups but often struggle attendance wise. Atlanta Thrashers, Florida Panthers, and occasionally Hurricanes and Lightning been drawing half or 2/3 of arena capacity while its well known Coyotes barely play half empty arena.

I suggest reading Hockey Night in Dixie about minor league hockey in the south. It gives you detail from about teams and players playing in the area to how fans felt about hockey when it was fresh before tailing off.

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