Thursday, July 16, 2009

Washington Nationals Crisis 2009

We are 2009 Washington Nationals. Our years of incompetent management have landed us to below the depths of the chart this year from bad free agent signings to trades that does not pan out in the long run. Despite having offensive numbers with Ryan Zimmerman and Adam Dunn leading the way, our pitching and defense is another story. Our pitchers are heavily inexperienced and rushed to the starting role quickly earning us with fewest wins (lovely 26-61 by the All-Star break) in the majors and the highest ERA (5.21 before the All-Star break) in the National League. Our team fielding is laughable at best being last in the majors with .975 fielding percentage and whopping major leading 82 team errors before the All-Star break. This cause us to fire manager Manny Acta and replaced him with Jim Riggleman. The GM that put this team together through the years Jim Bowden resigned when his name was surfaced in connection of alleged skimming bonuses from Latin American players. His last prior GM experience was with the Cincinnati Reds manage to drive the team to the ground and haven't recovered since. It's likely we are on pace to break the futility mark with the most loses this season. Don't worry fans this is just a "village idiot" phase. Stan Kastens did take the Braves from the cellar to contenders. Things are getting a bit better. We drafted not only the top pitcher, but the top player of the entire draft Stephen Strasburg. At same time we still haven't reached and spoken to him since draft day. He will get signed to the team or we are really idiots and have not learned a thing from last year when we could not sign our top pick (Aaron Crow) of that year. Even with a vast of young talent but with little or no team chemistry we are better off in D.C. not in Montreal, right? Right?

Note: There's a saying, "The more things change, they more they remain the same." You can say this about Washington Nationals. Just like the final decade as Montreal Expos they are plague with young players but a bad product and lousy management.

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