Monday, November 2, 2009

Jayson Werth most likely decided the series

To me it was not Brad Lidge blowing a tie game was a possible series decider. It was a single Melky Cabrera hit at top of the 5th that sent Nick Swisher to second. What was not mention is Jayson Werth blunder which he tried to flip the ball to Chase Utley, but the ball end up dead in midair as the Phillies missed a potential inning ending double play. The next two batters singled driving in two runs giving the Yankees 4-2 lead at the time. If they made the double play the game would have still been 2-2 going into bottom of the 5th. I notice the media making Lidge out as the bad guy but they have NOT shown that Cabrera single on the highlights. I felt Werth blunder is not only a game decider, but a possible series decider.

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