Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dan Snyder misses a point

Redskins owner Dan Snyder admitted, short of an apology, being disappointed with the team. Funny how this coming from a guy that refused to re-negotiate their fanbase season ticket plans and sued for defaulting on payment. He banned fans' signs from home games which the No Fun League approved. Dan Snyder needs to look in the mirror that HE IS the problem of the Redskins. Ever since he bought the team is been downward. Along side with GM and lackey Vinny Cirrato, have made bad terrible roster moves mostly involve giving players big money contracts and hardly living up to it. They made several coaching moves such as bringing and quickly fired Marty Schottenheimer after one season and luring Steve Spurrier from Florida who end up flopping bad. Bringing Joe Gibbs back was their only coaching highlight because he brought the team back respectability before retiring and giving the reigns to Jim Zorn. Zorn, despite 8-8 finish last year, appear to lose control of the team just few games into the season. Snyder isn't confident with him that he stripped away his offensive play calling and let him finish the season. This likely shattered the psyche on the field with Zorn and the players trying to give a damn on the field, but are walking around like headless chickens. The bad product on the field lead their loyal fanbase questioning every move he made. Snyder shows them how he cares about the fans by banning signs at the stadium. Nice way to crush your fans creative support. He screws the fanbase from being a fan with his draconian move alongside of taking away tickets and reselling so he can gives himself more money. He tried to be Jerry Jones and Al Davis (before he lost his mind after 2003) but has failed terribly. The late Jack Kent Cooke is rolling on his grave.

I suggest Redskins fans to boycott their team such as refusing buying tickets to their games and merchandise. See how he responds. If he responds with threatening to move the team despite a decade old football stadium you know his loyalty are the green bills he gets in his pockets than the team he cheered for before he bought it.

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