Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crabtree finally signs; Braylon jets to New York

Michael Crabtree ends holdout finally agreeing to six-year, $32 million deal. It's the best move for him he could accept. With the deadline coming a week away he either sign or risk re-entering the draft and get laughed at the end when he gets drafted second/third round or worse undrafted. That's loss of millions right there. Good thing he choose to sign. Good job for 49ers for sticking to their guns. How about Crabtree just dump his agent and find a new one?

Cleveland Browns shipped wide receiver Braylon Edwards to the Jets for Chansi Stuckey, Jason Trusnik, and two 2010 draft picks. For Jets it was too much to give to become the team no. 2 wide receiver despite his veteran presence. Do they even have a draft pick for 2010? For the Browns they blown this team up again and rebuild as they couldn't build off from 2007 success. It's rough return to the NFL for the team with one trip to the playoffs (and it wasn't 2007 season) in a decade. This leaves Mike Furrey as team no. 1 wide receiver with a possibility rookie Mohamed Massaquoi taking over the spot in the season. Chansi Stuckey could become team go-to receiver not now, but in a few years. Browns are likely to waste the picks in the draft. The trade of Edwards left Brodney Pool the only player 2005 team draft class remaining and is the longest tenure player from any of the team's draft. This trade looks even for both teams. While Braylon Edwards gets a fresh new start with the Jets can he catch balls without dropping it?

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