Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cedric Benson blasts the Bears and backs it up

Chicago Bears got burned on Sunday from a running back name Cedric Benson. After drafting him fourth overall in 2005 they released him after three disappointing seasons and run-ins with the law. He signed with the Bengals middle of last season and put up respectable running yards. This season he turned it around with multiple hundred yard rushing games and leading the league in rushing yardage. Last week, what thought be sour grapes, the Benson blasted his former team claiming they tried to blackball him before joining the Bengals last year. His public airing motivated him to stick it to the Bears on Sunday. He backed up his comments rushing for 189 yards and a touchdown as Bengals destroyed the Bears 45-10. It didn't help as Bears second year running back Matt Forte, who replaced Benson, rushed for 24 yards in 6 carries and fumbling twice on the goalline. After a thousand yard season in his rookie season Forte have struggled this year a pale comparison to Benson who is currently rushing yard leader. Look like the Bears gave up on Benson quick as the Bengals got a piece of the puzzle for the team's rushing game.

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