Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sport card of the week

Sport card of the Week
1989 Score Football #270 Troy Aikman

This one of key cards in this memorable football set. In fact I feel this is one of Score's signature cards.

Score made its debut in the sports card market back in 1988 putting out a very bland baseball set. When they decide to produce football cards in 1989 they made sure their cards stood out to the hobby. For the card design they printed out the players name with their team's helmet logo, position, and their photo. What really stood out the rookies on the set with the word "ROOKIE" splashed across the top of the card and their face portrait. Unlike Pro Set, which made its debut the same year, they limited produce the set.

The set would become a big hit among collectors especially with rookies like Troy Aikman.

For Aikman he became of many key figures on the rebuilding of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty. He would lead the Cowboys to three Super Bowls titles along being Super Bowl MVP, six-time Pro Bowler, and NFL Hall of Famer.

Twenty years later Score still producing just primarily on football cards. Then there's the 2009 draft...

With Detroit Lions choosing Matthew Stafford with their first pick on this year's draft could he lead the Lions from the depths down below and rise up on top much like Troy Aikman did it with the Cowboys?

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